Can I serve free alcohol at my event?

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Can I serve free alcohol at my event?

Can I serve free alcohol at my event?

You can serve and sell alcohol as refreshments at a charity event. However, you must relate the event to the purpose of your charity. The alcohol can only be served when the charity event takes place. It is legal to sell alcohol to raise money for your charity, i.e. a beer tent, but you may have to pay tax on any profits.

Can I serve free alcohol at my Illinois business?

Serving Free Alcohol: In addition, Illinois law prohibits giving away alcoholic beverages for commercial purposes or advertising or promoting that alcohol will be provided "free" or "gratis" in connection with commercial activity.

Is happy hour legal in Illinois?

Happy hour drink offerings had been banned under Illinois law since 1989, but can begin immediately with Rauner's signature of the measure. A bar cannot offer unlimited drinks at a fixed price, except for private events such as parties.

Can you sell cocktails to go in Chicago?

By law, cocktails must be sealed, labeled and inaccessible in vehicles. A valid liquor license is required to sell the beverages and customers must be 21 years of age to purchase.

Do I need a license to give away alcohol for free?

Under the Licensing Act 2003, you must have a license to sell alcohol and this includes giving away free alcohol as it is considered an incentive to buy or that it is included in your pricing structure.

Can I sell alcohol for charity?

You can sell alcohol as refreshments at an event or activity held by your charity that is directly related to the charity's purpose, such as amateur sporting events or theater performances, provided: the event is directly related to your charity's purpose as set out in your governing document.

Can a parent give their child alcohol in Illinois?

As most of us know, the drinking age in Illinois is 21. Under Illinois law, parents may allow their minor child to drink alcohol for religious purposes or under the parent's direct supervision and approval in the privacy of their home.

What are the alcohol laws in Illinois?

No one may sell or serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. No one may buy or give alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. Violation of the above provisions is a Class A misdemeanor and the penalty shall include, but not be limited to, a fine of at least $500.

Why was happy hour illegal in Chicago?

Under the Happy Hour law, restaurants and bars in Illinois were prohibited from offering alcoholic beverages at a reduced price at certain times of the day. The statewide ban was enacted in 1989 as an attempt to reduce the state's number of drunk driving cases and continued until it was repealed in July 2015.

Can bartenders drink on the job in Illinois?

You can't drink on the job serving customers and handling money etc. In most places it's a definite no and a fireable offence.

Can you sell cocktails to-go?

California can now sell Cocktails To Go, but only with Food Senator Bill Dodd in Napa introduced State Bill 398 back in February, where he proposed making cocktails-to-go permanent.

Can you sell mixed drinks to-go in Illinois?

Illinois bars and restaurants can continue to sell to-go cocktails until 2024 after Gov. JB Pritzker signed into law Wednesday afternoon a three-year extension of a measure passed last year to give the hospitality industry a new way to serve money after. COVID-19 halted indoor service.

Is it OK to serve alcohol at a fundraising event?

It can create a more festive atmosphere, encourage more participation and even amplify donor generosity. If you decide to serve "adult beverages", take careful steps to protect your organization and ensure that all your guests can enjoy the event responsibly. Here are five best practices if you decide to serve alcohol at your next fundraiser.

Can a fundraising event be a public event?

Most nonprofit events are public, from fundraising auctions to beer gardens at a street fair. Who supplies the alcohol determines who needs the license, but if it's a public event and you want alcohol]

When is it legal to sell liquor in Illinois?

A: If the gathering is a non-profit or fundraising event, liquor sales are permitted when a special event liquor license is obtained. Q: Are "Happy Hours" allowed in Illinois?

Do you need a permit to sell alcohol?

You may need a permit to distribute liquor if your event is private (more information on page 14). q If you follow option B, you must obtain a special apartment license. Go to the next page to learn more about where you can buy the alcohol. Liquor, Cannabis, Gambling…and Your Fundraising Event ©2018 Washington Nonprofits.

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