Does Iraq have a high or low standard of living?

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Does Iraq have a high or low standard of living?

Does Iraq have a high or low standard of living?

Iraq's poverty index is relatively high at 22.9% with a poverty gap of 4.5%. Poverty levels vary considerably by country and region, with the highest number of employees in poverty observed in rural Al-Muthanna at 74.7%.

Is Iraq a poor nation?

Although the country is abundantly rich in oil reserves, Iraq's weak government and chronic political unrest are two of the main problems fueling the country's 18.9 percent poverty rate. Other causes of poverty in Iraq include a lack of investment in stable education and health systems.

After more than seven years of war, 4,400 American casualties and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths, the United States is officially ending its combat mission in Iraq.

What was life like for the residents of Baghdad?

A place of violence, corruption, fanaticism, but also dexterity, persistence and warmth. Like most of Iraq, the people of Baghdad have suffered. There can be some debate about this. A conversation with any Iraqi will reveal the extent to which they have been affected by terrorism and insurgency or factionalism and sectarianism.

What was life like in Iraq in 2007?

Militias took over the streets and it was chaos. After 2007, the waves of violence became more tame; Babylon, where my family lives, was becoming a safer place to live. Baghdad and few other cities were still struggling and took longer to stabilize.

How to live and work in Baghdad, Iraq?

To live and work in Baghdad, you must first arrive at Baghdad International Airport, which is like stepping into a movie scene from the past. Shades of orange, green and yellow adorn most of the signage and carpeting, while white plastic pipe cylinders hang in rows from vaulted ceilings – a version of postmodernism from Iraq's not-so-distant past.

What kind of education is there in Baghdad?

Education is free up to and including university level. Baghdad has long been an active cultural center for the Arab world, producing prominent sculptors, painters, poets and writers. Iraqi poets, for example, pioneered the free-verse movement in Arabic.

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