Does Kepler Wessels live in Australia?

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Does Kepler Wessels live in Australia?

Does Kepler Wessels live in Australia?

Former Australian and South African Test batsman Kepler Wessels has returned to live in Brisbane and continues to be a keen observer of the game at all levels, particularly through his new calling as a match referee.

What is Kepler Wessels doing now?

Cape Town – Former South African captain Kepler Wessels will make his debut as a match referee in Australia this month. The 61-year-old SuperSport commentator is currently on Cricket Australia's supplementary umpire panel.

How old is Kepler Wessels?

63 years (September 14, 1957)
Kepler Wessels/Age

Which cricketer has played for both Australia and South Africa?

Kepler Wessels
Kepler Wessels played both Test and ODI cricket for South Africa and Australia, while Guyana-born Clayton Lambert became the first cricketer to play only ODIs for two nations – having played eleven matches for the West Indies between 1990 and 1998 (also five tests). he played a single ODI for USA in 2004.

Why did Kepler Wessels leave Australia?

1985/86 New Zealand tour of Australia – retirement Shortly after the match finished, Wessels announced his retirement, expressing his disillusionment with Australian cricket. Little did he know that 6 years later he would be playing Test Cricket again, this time for his home country.

Who has more fans in cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar Despite retiring from cricket last year, Sachin Tendulkar remains the sport's most popular figure in Facebook terms with a staggering 22.6 million fans.

Who is the father of modern cricket?

WG Grace

Is Lance Klusener a Zulu?

He was known for his aggressive batting and his fast-medium swing bowling. He is nicknamed "Zulu" because of his fluency in Zulu … Lance Klusener.

Who is the ODI revolutionary?

9. ODI Revolutionist = Virender Sehwag.

Has Kepler Wessels ever captained Australia?

Kepler Christoffel Wessels (born 14 September 1957) is a South African-Australian cricket commentator and former cricketer who captained South Africa after playing 24 Tests for Australia. Since retiring, he has been a lawn bowls competitor… Kepler Wessels.

Why did Kepler Wessels join the Australian cricket team?

In the late 1970s, Wessels was drafted by Kerry Packer to play for the Australian World Series Cricket Team. As a South African with little hope of playing Test cricket for his country, Wessels joined the "circus" to take advantage of the better pay and conditions offered by the WSC.

When did Kepler Wessels make his test debut?

After struggling through 19 years since picking up a bat, Wessels was cleared to play for Australia and made his Test debut in the Ashes series Down Under in 1982. Sent the order to open the batting, Wessels exhibited the steel he possessed with a 162 on debut as he dominated a famous English pace attack.

Who is the fighter in Kepler Wessels will never die?

The fighter in Kepler Wessels will never die. Adam Burnett has previously written for and edited Inside Cricket magazine and The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia and The Telegraph and the Guardian in the UK. Port Elizabeth, 2014. It's far too early for Kepler Wessels to be awake, but jet lag after flying from Australia has struck again.

When did Kepler Wessels fly to Port Elizabeth?

Port Elizabeth, 2014. It's far too early for Kepler Wessels to be awake, but jet lag after flying from Australia has struck again. He silently gets up from his bed and decides to do the same thing he does every time he seeks focus in his life.

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