Does Mexico have legos?

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Does Mexico have legos?

Does Mexico have legos?

The first LEGO® bricks manufactured in Mexico are produced at the Flextronics factory in Juaréz as part of the planned transfer of LEGO bricks to Flextronics in 2006 under the LEGO Group's Shared Vision program.

Is LEGO cheaper in Mexico?

"Furthermore, the US market is by far the most price competitive in the world." However, the flattening of international markets means that US prices have caught up with many other territories. And Mexico has become a cheap place in North America to buy new LEGO, not least because of the LEGO factory in Juaréz.

Where is the LEGO warehouse?

In addition to its main distribution center in Prague, LEGO operates warehouses in Denmark, Eastern Europe and Mexico.

Which country sells the cheapest legos?

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is the cheapest place in the world to buy LEGO. Denmark is the cheapest in Europe, and the second cheapest worldwide.

Can I return LEGO to the LEGO store?

If the total value of the unopened set is less than $200, you can return your unopened LEGO set to any of our LEGO Brand Retail stores with your original shipping confirmation email or receipt and we will give you a full refund of store credit or a gift card.

What is the rarest Lego set ever?

Set 926-1, 'The Space Command Centre' is the most valuable LEGO set, currently valued at $10,141. Released in 2013, 'Mr. The Gold' Minifigure has seen the highest appreciation of any LEGO set, rising from its retail price of $2.99 to now be valued at $4,680.

Where are the Lego bricks made in Mexico?

The other 60% will be covered by LEGO bricks sent to Monterrey from factories in Billund, Denmark and Nyíregyháza, Hungary. The location of the new factory has been carefully selected.

How many people work at the Lego factory in Mexico?

The factory will then be able to employ up to 6,500 people. The Monterrey factory is being expanded according to the same modular system as the other LEGO factories in Denmark, Hungary, the Czech Republic and China.

When will the Lego factory open in Monterrey?

The LEGO Group announces another expansion of the factory in Monterrey in October 2015. The expansion will include molding, processing, packaging and warehousing. Production will begin in 2018; and according to plans, the factory will be fully operational in 2022.

Where is the headquarters of the Lego Group?

The LEGO Group will also continue to invest in the LEGO factory located at the company's headquarters in Billund, Denmark. In June 2015, the LEGO Group announced an investment of 1 billion DKK to find new sustainable alternatives to current raw materials.

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