How can I contact the Historic Hawaii Foundation?

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How can I contact the Historic Hawaii Foundation?

How can I contact the Historic Hawaii Foundation?

For official designations and eligibility provisions, contact the State Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Land and Natural Resources at 808-692-8015. A statewide non-profit organization, the Historic Hawaii Foundation encourages the preservation of historic buildings, sites and communities that relate to Hawaii's history.

Who is the director of the Hawai'i Architectural Foundation?

The Hawai'i Architectural Foundation (HAF) has recognized Kiersten Faulkner, Executive Director of the Historic Hawai'i Foundation, with the Paepae I Ka Pōhaku Award, in recognition of her ongoing efforts to increase community awareness of architectural design and the importance of the built. environment over the past 15 years.

Is there a conservation in practice seminar in Hawaii?

Hawai'i Preservation in Practice Training Seminar: Native Hawaiian Burial Protection & NAGPRA The Historic Hawai'i Foundation, in partnership with the Department of the Interior's National Park Service and the Office of Native Hawaiian Relations, will offer a free seminar on burial protection and repatriation.

Who are the founders of the Palama Settlement in Hawaii?

Founded in 1896, Palama Settlement is a non-profit, community-based social service agency serving the Kalihi and Pālama neighborhoods of O'ahu. Founded by James and Ragna Rath, pioneers of social work in the islands, the settlement was founded on the premise that social workers could better serve their constituents if they lived among them.

Are there any historic homes in Honolulu Hawaii?

Honolulu's historic home has had a tough road to achieve this designation. They have had to endure an often harsh climate for buildings, a very active termite population and the seismic spread of development over the last half century.

How many Kama Aina are there in Hawaii?

The Historic Hawai'i Foundation is pleased to recognize the thirteen kama'āina businesses, organizations and landmarks that have reached the centennial mark in 2021. We applaud their enduring success and contributions to the cultural heritage of the Hawaiian Islands over the past one hundred years.

Who are the donors to the Home Hawaii Community Foundation?

Home – Hawaii Community Foundation Home About Us Contact Us Newsroom Give Search: Search Donors Professional Advisors Nonprofits Students Login Menu Text Image Investing Strengthening Learning Grants and Scholarships Home Our COVID-19 Response About Us Newsroom Contact Us Give Donors Professional Advisors Nonprofits Students Investing

How to become a nonprofit gateway in Hawaii?

The Nonprofit Gateway is for our local nonprofits to create an account and apply for grants. My Giving Gateway Nonprofit Gateway Hawaii Community Foundation Oahu

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