How did Louis XIV destroy France?

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How did Louis XIV destroy France?

How did Louis XIV destroy France?

Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes and changed France's economy in one move. He was the first king to embrace mercantilism in his country as a form of economy. Unfortunately, Louis was a devout Catholic and destroyed his finances with a single move.

What negative changes did Louis XIV bring to France?

Although his reign had positive short-term effects on France, many long-term negative effects came from his rule. He spent large sums on worthless wars as well as extensive spending, which led to massive debt in his country.

How did King Louis XIV affect the people of France?

In the final years of his 72-year rule, the series of wars launched by the king ultimately took their toll on France, resulting in defeats on the battlefield, crippling debt and famine. The citizens became so dissatisfied that they even mocked the sick Louis XIV during his funeral procession.

Who was in charge of France after Louis XV?

France under Louis XV. Like his grandfather, Louis XV was only a child when he ascended the French throne. During his minority, the monarchy was ruled by Philippe, Duke of Orleans, until his death in 1723, when the regency was assumed by Cardinal Andre Hercule de Fleury. After the latter's death in 1743, Louis XV took over personal rule.

Why did King Louis XIV never see the finished product?

Louis never saw the finished product, because every time he got a new idea, he would redo the whole palace. Louis often took walks through the Palace of Versailles. There are many many fountains at the palace and these required too much water to run at once.

How did Louis XIV treat the Huguenots in New France?

Strict political, economic and religious restrictions limited personal freedom in the French colonies and the Protestant Huguenots were not allowed to settle in New France. Describe Louis XIV's treatment of the Huguenots. How did this policy hurt France?

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