How did the First Fleet affect Australia?

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How did the First Fleet affect Australia?

How did the First Fleet affect Australia?

What effect did the First Fleet have on Australia's First People? The arrival of the First Fleet immediately affected the Eora Nation, the traditional Aboriginal owners of the Sydney area. Violence between settlers and the Eora people started as soon as the colony was established.

What did people die of on the First Fleet?

Many convicts fell ill during the journey with diseases such as typhus or scurvy. Convicts who arrived in Sydney in need of medical attention were sent to the hospital for treatment. Scurvy was a common disease that convicts suffered during the journey.

Aboriginal Australians have lived here for over 40,000 years. In 1788, the first fleet of European settlers arrived in Australia to start a new life in a new place. What was life like for Aboriginal Australians before and after this colonization? What did the settlers and the indigenous people think of each other?

When did the first fleet arrive in Australia?

In 1787, eleven ships sailed from Great Britain to Australia to create a penal colony of European settlers. We call these ships and the people in them 'the First Fleet'. Who went to Australia and why? What did they find upon arrival and settlement in a strange new place?

Why did the first Europeans come to Australia?

The native Australians were very wary and fearful of the settlers, and while the natives survived on the local plants and fish, few of the settlers found any of the plants appetizing.

What did the First Fleet do to the indigenous peoples?

Governor Phillip reported that smallpox had killed half the native population of the Sydney region within fourteen months of the arrival of the First Fleet. [3] Sexual abuse and exploitation of indigenous girls and women also introduced venereal diseases to indigenous peoples in epidemic proportions.

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