How many people died in the Laingsburg floods?

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How many people died in the Laingsburg floods?

How many people died in the Laingsburg floods?

104 people
In the flood, 104 people were killed and to this day 72 people have never been found. Only 21 houses in the village survived the flood. After the flood, the largest part of the monument was recovered, but the pedestal of the monument disappeared.

What river runs through Laingsburg?

Buffalo River
Laingsburg is a small Karoo town 250 km inland from Cape Town. The Buffels River flows along the western side of town, with 'flow' being a fairly abstract term most of the time.

How big is Laingsburg?

723.7 km²

Where did floods occur in South Africa?

The 2016 Johannesburg flood was a natural disaster in South Africa that occurred on 9 November 2016. The flood, which occurred in the area east of Johannesburg, affected both Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni.

When was Laingsburg established?

Small Town Settlement In 1881, the town received its current and official name of Laingsburg in honor of the Commissioner of Crown Lands (or Properties) in the Cape Colony, John Laing. Two decades and several new immigrants later, the city gained municipal status.

In which province does the Gouritz River flow?

Western Cape Province
The Gourits River flows from the confluence of the Gamka River and the Olifants River and is joined by the Groot River before flowing through the Langeberg Mountains and the coastal plain… The Gourits River.

When did the flood happen in Laingsburg, South Africa?

On 25 January 1981, Laingsburg in the Western Cape was devastated by a severe flood. The heavy rain submerged the whole town in water, only the rooftops were left visible. At least 100 residents lost their lives and the bodies of 72 people were never found.

What did Colin deiner say about the Laingsburg River?

The province's chief director of disaster management, Colin Deiner, said it was expected to rain in Laingsburg until tomorrow, but it expected the amount to decrease gradually. A spotter plane was due to fly over the area to assess the damage on Wednesday, but Deiner said the weather had been unsuitable for this.

Who was mayor of Laingsburg in 1981?

Some people are completely cut off,” Opperman said. He said the weather front that initially hit on Tuesday afternoon had been "completely unexpected". Laingsburg Mayor Wilhelm Theron said it was "definitely" the worst flooding since 1981 and that the rain had resulted in some damage to his farm in the area.

When was Laingsburg swept away by the Great Karoo?

Laingsburg Local Municipality has since expanded to include Bergsig, Goldnerville and Matjiesfontein. On 25 January 1981, Laingsburg's centenary year, most of the town was swept away in minutes by one of the worst floods ever experienced in the Great Karoo.

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