How much does EW Wylie pay?

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How much does EW Wylie pay?

How much does EW Wylie pay?

How much does EW Wylie pay? The national average salary for an EW Wylie employee in the United States is $53,055 per year. Employees in the top 10 percent can earn over $88,000 a year, while employees in the bottom 10 percent earn less than $31,000 a year.

Is EW Wylie a good company to work for?

Salary and benefits are excellent! I really enjoy working for EW Wylie! They do a great job of helping you find the necessary balance between work and home time. If you and your family don't mind being out for at least 3 weeks, get some home time, this is the place for you!!!

Who owns EW Wylie?

Otter Tail Corporation
Smokey Point Distributing Inc.
EW Wylie Corp/parent organizations

Does EW Wylie do follicle tests?

Do they test drugs? Yes. They do a hair follicle drug screening and a urinalysis.

What is EW Wylie hauling?

Wylie runs flatbed and step-deck trailers. In addition to flatbed trucking, the company handles specialized, high-value haulage and provides oilfield freight services. Its territory covers the United States and Canada, with about 30 percent of Wylie's business in Canada.

Does TransAm Trucking hire felons?

We know that TransAm trucking is open to hiring ex-felons and that they appear to have done so in the past. But we also know that they are not involved in the Ban the Box movement, and they don't have any special programs to employ criminals.

Yes, and with felony if over 10 years old. They hire anyone! Just tell them about your crime and be honest! The idiot said 30 years of background..

The average TransAm Trucking Driver annual salary in the United States is approximately $38,685, which is 21% below the national average.

Is Swift Crime Friendly?

Trucking companies that hire felons with convictions that are 10 years old or more: Swift Transportation – Swift offers a funded and low-cost CDL/Truck Driver Training Program.

Which Trucking Companies Will Hire Felons?

Trucking companies that hire recent felons

  • Roadtex Transportation, Somerset, New Jersey.
  • Paschall Truck Lines, Murray, Kentucky.
  • Britton Transport – Grad Forks, North Dakota.
  • Carolina Cargo – Rock Hill, South Dakota.
  • Covenant Transport – Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Freymiller Inc. –Oklahoma City, Okla.

Where is the TransAm Trucking orientation?

2 answers. Driver orientation is held at our terminals. You will either go to Olathe, KS or Rockwall, TX.

Do you like working at EW Wylie Corporation?

How much money can you make as a Wylie truck driver?

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