How much does Vitsoe installation cost?

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How much does Vitsoe installation cost?

How much does Vitsoe installation cost?

Photo courtesy of Vitsoe. Above: This Vitsoe unit will set you back $966. For a similar Kernel setup it would cost less than $700.

How much does the Vitsoe 606 cost?

Above: With the cabinets running about $1,000 each and the shelves costing between $90 and $100, depending on the length, the 606 is an investment. Available in black, off-white or beech in the US through the Vitsoe Shop in New York or LA and online at Vitsoe. Photo by Kristen Perers.

How deep are the Vitsoe shelves?

The cabinets – which hang from E-Tracks – have drawers or doors to organize your life. All cabinets are 36 cm deep. Internal measurements can be found in the price list.

How do you clean Vitsoe?

Uncoated aniline dyed leather can be cleaned with a well-wrung cloth to remove dust. Any spillage must be washed up with a clean, absorbent cloth. Be careful not to rub the spill into the leather.

How to pronounce Vitsoe

Vitsœ (pronounced 'vit-sue') was the name of the company's founder, Niels Vitsœ (1913-1995).

Where are Vitsoe shelves made?

Shelving and chair manufacturer Vitsoe recently upped sticks and left Camden, London for a new purpose-built factory in the Midlands.

Who owns Vitsø?

Its products include the 606 Universal Shelving System, the 620 Chair Program and the 621 Table….Vitsoe.

Where is Vitsoe from?

History. Vitsœ was the name of the company's founder, Niels Vitsœ. Together with Otto Zapf, he established Vitsœ in 1959 to realize Dieter Rams' furniture designs. Since 1995, the company's worldwide headquarters and production have been based in the UK.

What can I use instead of shelf pegs?

Tip: Use a screw as a missing desk peg/shelf peg Is your desk missing a peg to support a shelf? You can use a screw instead. Screw in at an angle to ensure the screw is in place.

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