How old was Britney when Baby One More Time came out?

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How old was Britney when Baby One More Time came out?

How old was Britney when Baby One More Time came out?

sixteen years old
Baby One More Time” was released by Jive as Spears' debut single on October 23, 1998, when she was only sixteen years old.

Who was Baby One More Time originally written for?

'Hit Me Baby One More Time' was recorded by Britney Spears but written for TLC. In a recent interview, TLC was asked why they rejected the song that went on to give Britney Spears worldwide fame. "I'm not saying 'hit me baby.' No disrespect to Britney," T-Boz said.

When did the Baby One More Time video come out?

"…Baby One More Time" was released on October 23, 1998.

How much did Britney Spears make on Baby One More Time?

Spears' 1999 debut album, Baby One More Time, sold 10.6 million US copies – one of 24 albums to reach the 10 million mark. Her first two albums were so successful that she earned an advance of nearly US$10 million for her third, In the Zone, and net earnings of US$6.5 million after production costs.

How old is Britney Spears?

39 years (December 2, 1981)
Britney Spears/Age

American pop star Britney Spears has announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari. The singer posted a video of the couple showing off the ring on Instagram. The 39-year-old is fighting a legal battle to end her 13-year conservatorship, which controls both her personal life and finances.

How did Britney get a record deal?

After the show's cancellation in 1995, Spears returned home, but she was soon eager to resume her career. At the age of 15, she made a demo tape that landed her a development deal with Jive Records.

How old was britney in toxic?

Martin Henderson is widely recognized for portraying Jack Sheridan on Netflix's Virgin River, but did you know he previously played Britney Spears' love interest? It is true. The actor, 46, starred opposite the singer, 39, in her 2003 music video for "Toxic" (included below for your enjoyment).

When did britney's conservatory start?

Britney was placed under conservatorship following her very public breakdown in 2008. After a year of seemingly erratic behavior—such as shaving her head and attacking a paparazzo's car with an umbrella—the singer was placed under a "5150 hold" at a psychiatric hospital for a mental health evaluation.

What year was Britney Spears released?

Her debut studio album, Baby One More Time, was released on January 12, 1999. It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 and was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America after one month.

How much is Britney Spears worth in 2021?

Despite being one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Britney is only worth $60 million, much less than her musical counterparts like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. Much of her money has gone to legal fees in connection with the conservatory as well as support for her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Is Britney still rich?

Britney Spears currently has a net worth of $70 million after selling over 100 million records worldwide to date. However, the pop singer has spent the last 13 years unable to control any of her financial fortune.

When did Britney Spears' baby come out one more time?

Where did Britney Spears do her first concert?

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