Is Ron Bird from KUTV Married?

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Is Ron Bird from KUTV Married?

Is Ron Bird from KUTV Married?

Ron is married to Jannae. They have 3 children, Jaron, Brock and Abbie, and the family dog, Frasier. The birds have their nest in Sandy.

Is Ron Bird LDS?

Many in KUTV are really not fond of Mormons. They have a few employees like Ron Bird, Shauna Lake and realtor/athlete Dave Fox who is LDS; but they also have a number who are not only non-LDS, but who really don't like anything about the Mormons.

Who is the new anchor on KUTV 2?

Heidi Hatch
2, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — KUTV 2, the Sinclair-owned CBS affiliate in Salt Lake City, has named Heidi Hatch as a new lead anchor, finally replacing Shauna Lake, who left the station in May, two months after another DUI Arrest .

Where is Mallory Moore?

Mallory MooreReporter Mallory Moore joined KUTV as 2News morning traffic anchor in September 2019. She is a Utah girl growing up in Orem. Mallory is excited to be back in her home state and close to family.

What happened to Ron Bird?

Ron Locarnini Bird, son of Susan Farris, was born on January 24, 1967 and raised in Morgan Hill, California. On June 18, 2020, he died unexpectedly of a heart attack. He was preceded in death by his loving grandparents, Dale and Phyllis Farris.

How many children does Lindsay Storrs have?

four children
Lindsay and her family currently live in Utah Valley. Lindsay enjoys traveling, blogging, eating chocolate and spending time with her husband, Mike, and their four children – Connor, Aiden, Cohen & Vivienne.

How old is Heidi KUTV?

Heidi is 45 years old.

Is Chase Thomason Married?

Chase is married to his beautiful wife Ashton Edwards, an Emmy Award winning Executive Producer who currently works for GB Entertainment, Ashton is a former Fox 13 News – KSTU KFOR-TV executive producer.

Heidi Hatch has been recognized for her reporting and anchoring with and Emmy covering the Brian Head wildfire that ravaged 100 square miles of pristine forest land in 2017. Heidi joined the 2News family in 2011 as an anchor and reporter, and immediately jumped into the presidential race coverage in 2012.

Jade ElliottReporter Jade joined 2News after spending most of her news career in Eastern Washington from Spokane until most recently back in her hometown of the Tri-Cities where she was the lead morning news anchor for KAPP/KVEW-TV. She is a proud alumna of the Edward R.

Where is Mary Nickle's KUTV?

Mary and her husband, Kent, live in the Salt Lake area and are parents, teachers, coaches and taxi drivers to twins Zachary and MacKenzie … born in February 1997.

Where is Lindsay Storrs now?

Utah Valley

Who is Ron Bird from KUTV married to?

Born in Kimberly, Idaho, Ron graduated from BYU with a degree in broadcast journalism. When Ron is not at KUTV, he enjoys home and yard projects, working out, doing church and community activities, and is a die-hard youth basketball coach in the Super League. Ron is married to Jannae.

Who are the announcers on KUTV channel 2?

The following is a list of news personalities who work or no longer work for KUTV Channel 2, Salt Lake City, Utah. Bill Gephardt (consumer reporter – weekdays at 10pm) (retired 11/2010 – succeeded by son Matt Gephardt) Dan Sheldon (sports; joined an Atlanta station.) Janelle Reichert (reporter).

When did Ron Bird start on the 2NEWS show?

Ron has been a longtime anchor and reporter on the 2News #1 morning and noon shows, signing on in August 1989. He has been right on the front lines of the big stories.

Who are the current weather anchors on KUTV?

John Stehr (anchor 1982-1989; left CNBC and CBS News; now primary anchor at WTHR, Indianapolis) Bill Boss (meteorologist; now at Weather Central, Inc.) Steve Root (meteorologist; now CEO of WeatherBank, Inc.) Matt Duhamel (Meteorologist; aka Matt McCoy.

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