Viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously: Top 9 Sites and Services

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Viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously: Top 9 Sites and Services

Viewing Instagram Stories anonymously allows users to avoid being counted in view statistics and remain unnoticed by the account owner.

In this article, we'll explore the 9 best services and programs for viewing Instagram stories anonymously and learn how to use each of them.

Top 9 services for viewing Instagram stories anonymously: websites, spies, applications and bots

Instagram Viewer StoriesIG

StoriesIG is a free service to view and download stories on Instagram without having to register on the website. To view stories, enter the account address and click the search button. It is not necessary to have your own user account in the social network.

The service also allows anonymous viewing and downloading of story archives, posts, photos and videos from any open Instagram profile.


GramSnap – an online service for anonymous viewing and downloading of stories. Gramotool is a web-based service for anonymously viewing and downloading stories on Instagram.

To view stories, enter your profile link (must be public) and press Enter – a page with all the available stories will open.


Free service for anonymous viewing and downloading of stories

IGAnony is a free service for anonymously viewing and downloading Instagram stories, highlights, posts, avatars and live broadcasts. To view the stories of any open Instagram account, simply select the corresponding item in the top menu and enter the link or username of the profile you are interested in. Account login and registration in the service is not required.

The service is suitable for use with computers, tablets and smartphones. When you download photos and videos, they are stored on your device.


How to view Instagram stories anonymously

INSTA Super Save is a free service that allows you to anonymously view and download all content from Instagram and Facebook. It is suitable for use on all devices, regardless of the type of operating system installed.

To view other people's stories on Instagram while remaining unnoticed, select the "Story Viewer" option in the menu, enter the link of the account you are interested in, and click the search button.

Insta Saver

Insta Saver is a service for anonymous tracking of any public Instagram profile. It allows you to view stories, posts and live streams as well as download media content in JPG, PNG and MP4 formats. It is suitable for use with computers and mobile devices running on iOS and Android. Registration is not required.

To view a story, type the link and click the magnifying glass icon (or press Enter on your keyboard).


InstaSpy is a service that allows you to anonymously view any public Instagram profile. It provides access to 19 types of activities, including stories, subscriptions, likes and comments. To use the service, you must register for it or log in via Google.

To view stories sequentially, enter the profile link or username, accept the agreements by checking the box, click the "Start monitoring" button and select the desired indicator in the next window. The service allows you to view stories even after 24 hours. While viewing other accounts, users can also analyze their own profile.

Insta Story

Insta Story is a service where you can view and download stories, posts, avatars and statuses for any public Instagram profile without registration. The service provides free services and guarantees complete user anonymity.

To view stories, select the corresponding menu item, enter the account link or username, click the "Search" button and wait for the stories to load.

On the service, you can also familiarize yourself with a list of top bloggers on Instagram, see ratings by likes, subscribers and comments. The list is updated monthly. is a free service where you can anonymously view all public Instagram profiles without registration. Enter your username or profile link (must be public) in the search field, then click the search button. You will be directed to a window with complete profile information, including available stories, number of subscriptions and followers, live broadcasts and posts.

To view stories in full screen mode, click on the corresponding option. To save a story to your device, click the "Download" button at the top of the window.

Social set

Socialkit is a site where you can view Instagram stories without registration. To anonymously view or download stories, enter your Instagram username and click the "Download" button. In addition to stories, you can freely view and download all photos and videos from public profiles.


There are many services, programs and Telegram bots that allow anonymous viewing of Instagram stories. Each user can choose the most suitable option based on cost, functionality and interface preferences.

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