What are the causes of examination failure in Nigerian schools?

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What are the causes of examination failure in Nigerian schools?

What are the causes of examination failure in Nigerian schools?

The study revealed a number of factors responsible for examination failure in Nigeria which include: wrong value system, search for certification instead of knowledge and skills, laziness, lack of preparation or inadequate preparation for examination, lack of self-confidence, poor school facilities, (Lack of or in…

What are the ways to prevent exam errors?

At present, schools prevent examination errors through supervision, structural arrangements in the examination rooms and punishment of offenders. These methods fail schools to prevent exam failure because they do not address the student issues that determine exam failure.

What is the threat of survey errors?

without skills. THOUSANDS OF EXAMINATION FAILURES IN NIGERIA. According to Ugwu (2012), survey error is a deliberate survey. misconduct in violation of official examination rules and designed to place a. candidate with an unfair advantage.

What are the causes of exam failure in schools?

Four main themes about the causes of survey failure emerged.

  • Personal factors. o Laziness in students.
  • Social factors. o Peer pressure.
  • Psychological factors.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Methods of individual cheating.
  • Technology-assisted cheating methods.
  • Cooperation-cheating methods.

What types of survey errors are there?

Examination malpractice will include any of the following, impersonation, leakage, substitution of scripts, Yahaya LA, Odebode, AA & Akinyemi OB: Types of examination malpractice… Page 4 136 smuggling of answers into exam rooms, dubbing (directly copying answers to questions and taking for the exam…

What are the factors responsible for survey errors?

The findings of the study investigated that there are various factors that contribute to survey errors viz. corruption; poor implementation of examination rules; student and parent threats; no fear of punishment; insufficient preparation for the exam; poor supervision; collusion; disloyalty in investigation…

(1) A candidate at an examination who leaves the examination room or other place appointed for the examination and mingles with any other person with intent to cheat or secure an unfair advantage for himself or any other person by the test, commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a fine not…

Other effects of examination malpractice include discouraging students from hard work, low productivity and poor job performance, bribery, corruption and certificate leakage. Research failure with its downsides negatively affects all facets of society.

What are the causes of examination failure in Nigeria?

The study therefore critically examined the various forms of examination malpractice and the causes of examination malpractice in Nigerian universities, using the Cross River University of Technology as a case study and recommended possible ways to curb the ugly trend.

How to find the solution to survey errors?

Finally, to find the solution to examination malpractice, it is hoped that the investigation will provide the necessary information to the authority of Enugu State College of Education (Technical) Enugu and the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). The close look at the investigation of causes and the resolution of investigation errors is of enormous benefit.

Why do we have exam failures in our education system?

Therefore, the following can be put forward as reasons why we have exam failure in our education system: – High stakes for exams: Success in an exam can have a profound, immediate and long-term impact on a candidate's life.

Why are there so many corrupt practices in Nigeria?

In many developing countries like Nigeria, exam success and high school graduation represent the only way for poor students to secure a menial job. It is seen that many parents resort to various corrupt practices to ensure that their children "pass" the public examination.

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