What are the differences between Bangladesh and Pakistan?

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What are the differences between Bangladesh and Pakistan?

What are the differences between Bangladesh and Pakistan?

Differences: The differences between Pakistan and Bangladesh outweigh their commonalities. There are differences in the physical environment – Pakistan is a country of dry lowlands and high mountains, while Bangladesh is well-watered and low-lying, except for the small hilly eastern region inside Chittagong.

What is the nature of climate in Bangladesh?

Bordering the Tropic of Cancer, Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon climate characterized by heavy seasonal rainfall, high temperatures and high humidity. Natural disasters such as floods and cyclones accompanied by storm surges periodically affect the country.

But practically, November to February is the winter season in Bangladesh. Average temperatures in January vary from around 11'C in the north-west and north-east parts of the country to 20'C to 21'C in the coastal areas.

What climate does Bangladesh live in?

Introduction The climate of Bangladesh is subtropical in the center-north and tropical in the south, with a pleasantly warm and sunny winter from November to February, a short warm spring between March and May, and a long rainy season from June to October due to the summer monsoon.

What is the average temperature in Pakistan in summer?

Along the coastal strip, the climate is modified by sea breezes. In the rest of the country, temperatures reach great heights in summer; the average temperature in June is 38 °C (100 °F) in the plains, the highest temperatures can exceed 47 °C (117 °F).

When does the dry season start in Bangladesh?

Flat and occupied by the vast Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta, the country is prone to flooding as well as storm surges when cyclones hit the Bay of Bengal. The dry season runs from November to March.

How is the weather in Karachi compared to Islamabad?

The temperature is also more uniform in Karachi than in Islamabad, ranging from an average daily low of 13 °C on winter evenings to an average daily high of 34 °C on summer days. Although the summer temperatures do not get as high as those in Punjab, the high humidity causes great discomfort to the residents.

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