What are the seasons of the year in Jamaica?

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What are the seasons of the year in Jamaica?

What are the seasons of the year in Jamaica?

CLIMATE: Jamaica has a tropical climate at sea level and a temperate climate towards the interior highlands. There are four seasons, two rainy seasons from May to June and September to November, and two dry seasons from July to August and December to April.

What is the low season for Jamaica?

The low season, also called the low season, is mid-April to mid-December, 16 April – 14 December. Smart and savvy travelers to Jamaica know that it makes sense to visit during the off-season.

What is the dry season in the Caribbean?

The dry season runs from around February to June. This is the most ideal time in the islands. There is great weather with warm sunshine and the occasional tropical downpour. In the wet season, July to January, there is less sunshine and more rain.

Is Jamaica dry heat?

Weather in Jamaica. The winter months are warm and dry, the summer months are hot and humid, and the months in between are a bit of both. Jamaica has a tropical climate, so you can expect warm sunshine, high humidity and tropical rain showers throughout the summer months.

Which Caribbean islands are the most dangerous?

Jamaica is probably the most dangerous place in the entire Caribbean, which is why it tops our list. Certain areas of Kingston, Jamaica are considered one of the most dangerous places for travelers and locals alike. Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates in the world and is rife with drug trafficking and crime.

When does the rainy season start in Jamaica?

Also note that the island experiences two rainy seasons; the first begins in May, ends in June and the second lasts from September to November. There are also two dry seasons, one running from July to August and the other from December to April.

What is the weather like in Jamaica in April?

April is slightly warmer with an average daytime temperature of around 26 °C (79 °F), also the last dry month in Jamaica. May marks the beginning of the rainy season. Frequent showers are accompanied by the likelihood of hurricanes. In general, spring is a good time of year to visit Jamaica.

What is the coldest month of the year in Jamaica?

Winter in Jamaica is the dry season. January and February are the coldest months in Jamaica. Of course to the extent of the applicability of the term "cold" in Jamaica. In February, the island is flooded with tourists because it is the Day of Bob Marley.

What is the sunniest month of the year in Jamaica?

The sunniest season in Jamaica is summer, and the sunniest month is July, boasting 9 hours of sunshine, while June and August each account for an average of 8. However, July is also the hottest month, and August is hurricane season. officially begins, even if it doesn't come until the fall.

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