What aspects of Puerto Rican lifestyle reflect their values?

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What aspects of Puerto Rican lifestyle reflect their values?

What aspects of Puerto Rican lifestyle reflect their values?

Puerto Ricans believe in a well-knit family and have strong family values that are reflected in their culture. Puerto Ricans place great importance on dignity, honor and respect for the elders in the family. They are emotionally attached to their family and friends and like to socialize with them.

How do people live in Puerto Rico?

Manufacturing: Puerto Rico's manufacturing sector has shifted from the original labor-intensive industries, such as the manufacture of food, tobacco, leather, and apparel products, to more capital-intensive industries, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, machinery, and electronics.

Do I have to pay income tax if I live in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, and Puerto Ricans are American citizens; However, Puerto Rico is not an American state, but an American island territory. Therefore, while all residents of Puerto Rico pay federal taxes, many residents are not required to pay federal income taxes.

What kind of culture does Puerto Rico have?

The culture of Puerto Rico has been heavily influenced by its history. With the mix of Taino Indian, Spanish and African cultures comes a melting pot of people and traditions, as well as the influence of US political and social exchange in all aspects of life.

With 18 golf courses and year-round tropical conditions, Puerto Rico is a paradise for golf lovers. From calm crystal-like waters to the best surf spots in the Caribbean, the beaches of Puerto Rico are second to none. Book a mixology class at Casa Bacardí to learn how to make classic rum cocktails like the mojito.

What are some interesting facts about Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a popular tourist destination and is known for its large, majestic beaches. The island is embedded with various interesting features … Puerto Rico, also known as the 'Island of Enchantment' comprises an archipelago that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and other small islands.

Is there a lifestyle survey in Puerto Rico?

The Puerto Rico Assessment of Diet, Lifestyle, and Diseases (PRADLAD) study is a cross-sectional survey of a convenience sample of 380 adults living in Puerto Rico conducted in 2015 with the aim of assessing lifestyle risk factors and health conditions among adults in the island.

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