What did Borden accomplish?

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What did Borden accomplish?

What did Borden accomplish?

As prime minister, Borden led Canada through the First World War and its immediate aftermath. His government passed the War Measures Act, created the Canadian Expeditionary Force and eventually introduced compulsory military service, which triggered the conscription crisis of 1917.

Why did Robert Borden decide that the conscription of able-bodied Canadian men was necessary in 1917?

The federal government decided in 1917 to call up young men for overseas military service. Voluntary conscription was unsuccessful in maintaining troop numbers, and Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden believed in the military value and potential post-war influence of a strong Canadian contribution to the war.

Why did Borden form a unionist government in Canada?

Borden went on to form a "unionist" government and the Liberal Party split over the issue. Many English Canadian Liberal MPs and provincial Liberal parties in English Canada supported the new Unionist government. To ensure victory for conscription, Borden introduced two laws to skew the vote against the government.

When did Borden's Conscription Act become law?

When Borden's conscription bill became law just months before the December vote, anti-conscription demonstrations erupted in Quebec, and some conservatives began taunting French-Canadians, as well as others who disagreed, as minions of the emperor.

Why did Borden not support conscription in Canada?

Borden knew that conscription would divide the country and cost him the support of Quebec nationalists, who formed a pillar of his majority in the House of Commons. On the whole, French Canada – with no sense of allegiance to either France or Great Britain – had never embraced the war with the imperial power of English Canada.

When did Arthur Borden leave the House of Commons?

He served in the Commons for a total of 25 years, 1 month and 25 days. Borden retired in 1920 and was succeeded by Arthur Meighen. Borden led the Conservative Party in three general elections, winning one (1911) and losing twice (1904, 1908). He also led the Unionist Party in its last general election (1917), which he won.

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