What did Motte and Bailey castles protect?

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What did Motte and Bailey castles protect?

What did Motte and Bailey castles protect?

The motte is a raised mound or earthwork that would have a stone or wooden hold on top. A keep is a kind of fortified tower. The bailey is an enclosed courtyard that was protected by a ditch and a palisade – which is a wall made of wooden posts.

What weapons would you use to attack a Motte and Bailey castle?

The Anglo-Saxons had no cavalry and very few archers – a necessity for a Motte and Bailey castle attack! Their main weapons used by the Anglo-Saxons were the Danish battleaxe (a two-handed, long-handled battleaxe with a heavy chopping head) and a long double-edged sword. Spears and slings were also in use.

Make the palisade wall out of popsicle sticks. Most motte and bailey castles had a circular wall made of sturdy logs called a palisade. The easiest way to replicate this is to hold rows of small wooden sticks together (such as popsicle sticks, coffee stirrers or even dry twigs from outside).

How did the invaders destroy motte and bailey castle?

The attackers of Motte and Bailey Castles would have had to negotiate the following defensive obstacles under constant fire from soldiers' arrows in their attempt to destroy a Motte and Bailey Castle: The perimeter ditch which surrounded the Motte and Bailey castle complex.

Why was the Keep on top of a motte and bailey important?

That's because it took a huge amount of effort to pile up such a huge amount of soil. The mat was flattened on top to make room for the wooden house. The steep embankment on the side of the motte was known as a Scarp. The team on top of the motte was the primary defensive element of the castle.

How should bailey castles be built?

The building plans for motte and bailey castles almost always involved two large circles – one for the outer court wall and one for the raised mound on which the court is built. The two circles should overlap slightly in the middle, as if you were drawing a snowman.

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