What do you know about the state of Mississippi?

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What do you know about the state of Mississippi?

What do you know about the state of Mississippi?

13 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Mississippi. The great state of Mississippi is known for things like southern charm, a rich history, and beautiful views, but many don't realize the influence the state has had in shaping our current world. From miniscule inventions to life-changing innovations, the state has certainly earned itself bragging rights.

What is the geographic setting of the Mississippi River?

The geographic setting of the Mississippi River includes considerations of the course of the river itself, its watershed, its outflow, its prehistoric and historic course changes, and possibilities for future course changes. The New Madrid Seismic Zone along the river is also noteworthy.

How many people live in the Mississippi River Basin?

We don't have good numbers on water use for the entire Mississippi River basin, but we do have some clues. A January 2000 study published by the Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee states that close to 15 million people depend on the Mississippi River or its tributaries in just the upper half of the basin (from Cairo, IL to Minneapolis, MN).

What are the major tributaries of the Mississippi River?

In addition to the Ohio River, the major tributaries of the Lower Mississippi River are the White River, which enters at the White River National Wildlife Refuge in east-central Arkansas; Arkansas River, joins Mississippi at Arkansas Post; Big Black River in Mississippi; and the Yazoo River,…

When people think of the Deep South, Mississippi is among the first states mentioned. A region rich in culture (and controversy), there are plenty of stories to be told about the state's people, music, geography and politics. To pique your interest, here are 25 things you might not know about Mississippi. 1.

What are some interesting facts about the Mississippi River?

Let's dig up some interesting facts about Mississippi: 1. The Old Man of Mississippi! The Mississippi River is nicknamed the Old Man River. It is the largest river in America and is also the country's most important waterway. 2. A paradise for ballet dancing!

What are the four border states of Mississippi?

Its four border states are Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, and Arkansas. See the full list of the 50 states and their borders here. Mississippi (nicknamed: Magnolia State and Hospitality State) has 82 counties.

Is the University of Mississippi known for anything?

The University of Mississippi is known for a number of things, but most people don't know that the college is actually home to an important piece of history. It is true; an ancient biblical manuscript known to be America's oldest extant book is kept right here in Mississippi.

How big is the state of Mississippi in square miles?

From area attractions to notable state history, these 11 facts about Mississippi are sure to pique your interest. 1. Mississippi covers a total area of approximately 48,400 square kilometers, which is about 1,000 times the size of Disney World.

What are some interesting facts about education in Mississippi?

Here are a few sobering facts about education in Mississippi. Public education in Mississippi is ranked last in the nation year after year. Public education in Mississippi ranked last, once again, on Education Week's Quality Counts report. The state received an "F" grade for academic achievement and a "D" for the chance of student success.

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