What does Gula mean in Nepali?

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What does Gula mean in Nepali?

What does Gula mean in Nepali?

Meaning of "Gula" Viewed 365 times | n. 1. testicle.

What is DHAI in Nepali?

I heard Nepali people call older men "dhai" and younger men "bhai".

What does the word biscuit literally mean?

The word biscuit comes from the 14th century Old French word bescuit. It literally means "twice boiled", or twice baked and derives from bes bis + cuire to cook, from Latin coquere.

What is Gula's name in English?

1a : the upper front of the neck next to the chin : the upper neck.

What does Kula mean?

Kula is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as "community", "clan" or "tribe". This word is sometimes used by the yoga community to denote the sense of inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated through yogis coming together to practice yoga.

What is quinoa in Nepali?

It is called "Chinu". "Since they get rice from the World Food Program, nobody wants to grow millet, barley or quinoa (locally known as chinu)." भातेको गान्थन!

What does Dai mean?

Is Gula a word?

noun, plural gulae [gyoo-lee, goo-], gu·las. Zoology. the upper part of the throat or esophagus.

What is Gula Spain?

Once a common food item in northern Spain, and actually quite cheap, the baby eel, or 'angula', became a highly prized delicacy during the 20th century, particularly in the Basque Country.

Who does Kula represent?

The Kula tradition is passed on from mouth to mouth and is symbolized by the items Soulava and Mwali, or Bagi as they are known in different parts of Papua New Guinea. It is a movement, an act of give and take between two people as partners to begin with, but Kula is also the sacred experience of entire communities.

Frequently used phrases

Nepali synonyms, Nepali pronunciation, Nepali translation, English dictionary definition of Nepali. adj. Of or relating to Nepal or its people, language or culture. n. pl. Nepal·is 1. a. A native or inhabitant of Nepal. b. A person of Nepalese descent.

Which dessert is the best to eat in Nepal?

Jeri taste best when they are freshly made, as they are crispy and the filling is juicy and aromatic. The next day, the jeri lose their crispness and the filling crystallizes, but they are still delicious. Traditionally, jeri is paired with soft Nepali bread called swaari.

How can I type in Nepali without a keyboard?

Done! This Nepali keyboard allows you to easily type Nepali online without installing Nepali keyboard. You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type Nepali letters with this online keyboard. Pressing Esc on the Nepali keyboard layout switches the mouse input between virtual QWERTY keyboard and virtual Nepali keyboard.

What kind of bread do they eat in Nepal?

Traditionally, jeri is paired with soft Nepali bread called swaari. Anarsaa – अनरसा – (Poppy Seed & Rice Flour Meatballs) Anarsaa roti are old fashioned sweet rice patties (look like big cookies). Rice flour gives this bread a crunchy texture, and poppy seeds add a pleasant nutty flavor.

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