What does it mean when a volcano steams?

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What does it mean when a volcano steams?

What does it mean when a volcano steams?

Steam vents occur on most active volcanoes and are a sign that magma is lurking beneath the surface! Gases, released from dissolution in the magma, along with groundwater heated by the molten rock, escape to the surface through cracks and fissures to form steam vents and geysers.

What is a lava flow?

Lava flows are streams of molten rock that pour or ooze from an eruption vent. Lava is erupted during either non-explosive activity or explosive lava fountains. However, when basaltic lava flows are confined in a channel or lava tube on a steep slope, the bulk of the flow can reach velocities >30 km/h (19 mph).

Where does the steam from a volcano go?

Volcanoes emit steam which forms clouds. This invisible vapor rises into the atmosphere where the air is colder. Plants take up ground water and evaporate, or evaporate, it from their leaves. Some groundwater seeps into rivers and lakes and may flow to the surface as springs. Groundwater close to the soil surface is taken up by plants.

Why do volcanoes have steam vents and sulfur banks?

Shallow ground fissures emit only steam as they are not deep enough for volcanic gases to seep up. But deep faults and fractures that extend down to the magma allow gases a path to the surface, as at Ha'akulamanu. Illustration of steam vents and sulfur banks at Kīlauea summit.

Volcanic eruptions occur when pressure builds in a volcano's molten rock, sending lava flows, toxic gases, and flying rocks and ash that can sometimes travel hundreds of kilometers downwind. What are the volcanic hazards/phenomena and their corresponding negative impacts?

What are the components of a volcanic cloud?

Volcanic clouds contain a number of components, including 1. volcanogenic products of the eruption: volcanic gases, pyroclasts and aerosol particles derived from reactions of volcanogenic and atmospheric materials; and

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