What does parang mean in Trinidad?

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What does parang mean in Trinidad?

What does parang mean in Trinidad?

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Trinidad, Trinidad. Derived from the Spanish word "parranda" meaning "a spree or fête", the parang bands (or parranderros) in Trinidad embody this translation with lively and colorful performances that reflect the festivities of the Christmas season. Book a trip.

Who are two famous artists of traditional parang?

Famous parang entertainers include the late Daisy Voisin, Los Alumnos de San Juan, the Lara brothers, Los Ninos del Mundo, Sharlene Flores, Marcia Miranda and Scrunter.

Where did parang music come from?

Parang is a popular folk music originating from Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago, which was brought to Trinidad and Tobago by Venezuelan migrants who were primarily of Amerindian, Spanish, Mestizo, Pardo, Cocoa Panyol and African heritage, something that is strongly reflected in the music itself.

What kind of music did Trinidad and Tobago make?

Steel-pan and Steelband. One of the most important contributions of Trinidad and Tobago to the world of music was the invention of the steel pan. This instrument is the only acoustic instrument invented in the 20th century. The pan developed from music that island slaves created for carnival celebrations.

What is the flat instrument called in Trinidad?

She notes that some Trinidadians consider them to be synonymous, while others claim that the flat-backed version of the instrument is called the mandolin and the bowled-bodied one is known as the bandolin (36). Some music reference texts seem to support the first theory.

Why do people in Trinidad listen to Parang music?

This influenced what is now known as parang music, as the music is primarily about the birth of Jesus. The songs are about the birthday boy and are usually sung at Christmas time. Another belief is that when the Venezuelans came to Trinidad to work on the cocoa plantations, they also brought their culture of music and song with them.

How big is a parang instrument in Trinidad?

This wooden instrument, a native of Trinidad, consists of a square or rectangular box about eighteen to twenty inches high, with a hole, six inches in diameter, in its center. A removable bar is located in one corner of the top of the box. From the center of the box, a string of nylon or jute is attached to the top of the pole.

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