What economic problems did the French Revolution cause?

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What economic problems did the French Revolution cause?

What economic problems did the French Revolution cause?

Taxes were high and so were prices, but wages were low. Unable to provide for their families, the lower classes in France were also in an economic crisis, which was one of the things that drove them to revolt. Another important cause of the French Revolution was politics.

What caused some of the monetary problems France had under Louis XVI?

The debt of the French crown was caused by both individual decisions, such as intervention in the American Revolutionary War and the Seven Years' War, and underlying problems such as an inadequate tax system.

What did Louis XVI try to do to fix the financial problems?

As France slipped into crisis, Louis XVI tried to solve the country's economic problems by forcing increased tax rates on citizens, including new taxes on the nobility. To try to resolve the crisis, Louis XVI called the Estates General in May 1789.

Why did Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette have problems?

The two were not liked or accepted by the people of France, which led to problems that continued to grow. During the reigns of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, France was not well rounded to the third estate. Louis XVI made many changes that overall damaged the Third Estate. For example, he decided to raise the price of bread.

How did King Louis XVI influence the French Revolution?

From 1789 and lasting ten years until 1799, the population of France lived in a monarchical society under the rule of King Louis XVI. He was a very harsh ruler and had rebelled against the first and second estates and this led to the French Revolution. These revolts influenced the causes of the French Revolution.

When was Marie Antoinette executed by the guillotine?

They constantly rejected the concerns of the Third Estate, to the point of escalation that led to revolution itself. Marie Antoinette was executed by guillotine in October 1793. Louis XVI had already been guillotined in January of the same year.

What did the Austrian ruler say about Marie Antoinette?

The Austrian ruler then wrote to his brother Leopold to say that the French king, who succeeded to the throne in 1774, 'had well-conditioned, strong erections and introduced his member, remained there for two minutes without moving, withdrew without ejaculation , and then, still upright, wished [his wife] good evening.

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