What features does Caernarfon Castle have?

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What features does Caernarfon Castle have?

Caernarfon has an unusual 'hourglass' design In the middle of the castle – like the middle of the figure eight – the walls taper into each other, effectively forming two large, symmetrical courtyards. Thick, reinforced walls surround this central courtyard on all sides.

What was the purpose of Caernarfon Castle?

Caernarfon Castle also served another very important purpose. It allowed him to control traffic along the Menai Straits, the narrow stretch of water between Wales and Anglesey, which was important for him to maintain his supremacy in the area.

Is Caernarfon Castle a World Heritage Site?

Royal fortress-palace built on legends and bitter medieval conflict Caernarfon Castle is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest buildings of the Middle Ages. This fortified palace on the banks of the River Seiont is grouped with Edward I's other castles at Conwy, Beaumaris and Harlech as a World Heritage Site.

Which is bigger Harlech Castle or Caernarfon Castle?

Harlech Castle and Beaumaris are undoubtedly magnificent works, but the elaborate city walls, together with Caernarfon's sheer size, meant that it was Edward's 'definitive' castle in a number of important works. Click here to find out more about Edward I's fearsome attitude.

Where was King Edward when he built Caernarfon?

King Edward had recently launched a raid across North Wales and was clearly keen to make his own mark on the area as, along with Caernarfon, he also built castles at Conwy and Harlech.

Is there a car park in Caernarfon Town?

There are many car parks in and around Caernarfon town, including a public car park on the waterfront adjacent to the castle. A purpose-built access ramp enables access from the pavement side at street level to the main entrance. Wheelchair access throughout lower level. On-site exhibition within the monument.

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