What happened as a result of the US use of atomic bombs?

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What happened as a result of the US use of atomic bombs?

What happened as a result of the US use of atomic bombs?

On August 6, 1945, the United States becomes the first and only nation to use nuclear weapons in wartime when it drops an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Approximately 80,000 people are killed as a direct result of the explosion, and another 35,000 are injured.

Do you think the US was right to use the atomic bomb?

"Yes. A bloody invasion and round-the-clock conventional bombing would have resulted in a far higher death toll, and then the nuclear weapons actually saved thousands of American and millions of Japanese lives. The bombs were the best means of bringing about the unconditional surrender that American leaders wanted .

What were some of the reasons why the United States chose to use the atomic bomb on Japan?

Truman believed that the bombs also saved Japanese lives. Prolonging the war was not an option for the president. Over 3,500 Japanese kamikaze attacks had already caused great destruction and loss of American life. The president rejected a demonstration of the atomic bomb to the Japanese leadership.

What if there was no atomic bomb?

The bombs brought a quick end to the war. Without the bombs, the war would likely have dragged on for at least another year, perhaps longer. The Allied plan for Japan was called Operation Downfall and consisted of two parts, Operation Olympic and Operation Coronet.

What was the decision to use the atomic bomb?

Supporters of President Truman's decision to use nuclear weapons against Japan tend to paint the decision as a difficult choice between two stark options—it was either American boys or the bomb.

When did the US drop the atomic bomb on Japan?

72 years ago yesterday, the United States dropped the atomic bomb for the first time. The destruction of Hiroshima left at least 90,000 Japanese soldiers and civilians dead. Three days later, humanity's first nuclear salvo was followed by the second (and hopefully last) use of nuclear weapons.

By August 1945, it seemed inevitable that Japanese civilians would suffer more deaths and casualties before surrender. A ground invasion would also result in far too high American casualties. Another option was to demonstrate the power of the atomic bomb to scare the Japanese into surrender.

How many Americans were killed by the atomic bomb?

General MacArthur's staff expected about 50,000 American casualties and several times as many Japanese casualties in the November 1 operation to establish the first beachheads on Kyushu. After that, they expected a far more expensive battle before the Japanese homeland was subdued.

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