What is a word to describe the Middle Ages?

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What is a word to describe the Middle Ages?

What is a word to describe the Middle Ages?

The adjective used to describe the Middle Ages is "medieval". In academic usage, "Middle Ages" and "Middle Ages" refer to the period between the Roman Empire and the early modern period.

Which of the following periods belongs to the Middle Ages?

In European history, the Middle Ages or Middle Ages lasted from approximately the 5th to the late 15th century. It began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and transitioned into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery.

What are 3 other names for the Middle Ages?

middle ages definitions and synonyms the period in European history between about AD 500 and the year 1500 AD Things belonging to this period are described as medieval. The early part of this period is sometimes called the Dark Ages and the period after it is the Renaissance.

How do you say nicely middle-aged?

On this page, you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions and related words for middle-aged, such as: matronly, mature, in her prime, mature, middle-class, , grown-up, mid-life, off-light-virtue , young and well-dressed .

What characterizes the Middle Ages?

Features such as migration of people, invasions, population distribution and deurbanization characterized this period. The Middle Ages had three periods which include the Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Modern period, all of which exhibited different characteristics.

What is another name for the Middle Ages?

What do you call a middle-aged woman?

Noun. A mature or old woman. matron. Lady. widower.

What is a middle-aged woman called?

At what age is older?

In most industrialized Western nations, someone is considered a senior at the age of 65 or so. But remember: That number is primarily based on the retirement age and the age when social benefits come into effect. Many people will not consider someone a senior until they are at least over 70 years of age.

What are 3 characteristics of the Middle Ages?

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