What is HTML code for blue?

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What is HTML code for blue?

What is HTML code for blue?

Main hexadecimal color codes

How to color a hex code in HTML?

The most common way to color HTML text is by using hexadecimal color codes (hex code for short). Simply add a style attribute to the text element you want to color – a paragraph in the example below – and use the color property with your Hex code.

How do you encode blue text in HTML?

Use #0000ff to specify light blue. For purple, use #ff00ff.

What is the hex code for light blue?

The light blue hex color code is #ADD8E6.

How to make pastel blue?

To make pastel blue, mix a small amount of blue paint into a white base until you reach a soft pastel shade.

What are hex codes for colors?

A hex color code is a 6-symbol code consisting of up to three 2-symbol elements. Each of the 2-symbol elements expresses a color value from 0 to 255. The code is written using a formula that turns each value into a unique 2-digit alphanumeric code. For example, the RGB code (224, 105, 16) is E06910 in hexadecimal.

What is the code for color in HTML?

#0000FF – This HTML color code shows only blue and no red and green. #FFFF00 – This HTML color code is a mixture of red and green colors defined as yellow…HTML Hex Color Codes.

What color is #add8e6?

#add8e6 color name is light blue color. #add8e6 hex color red value is 173, green value is 216 and the blue value of its RGB is 230. Cylindrical coordinate representations (also known as HSL) of color #add8e6 hue: 0.54 , saturation: 0.53 and lightness value of add8e6 is 0.79.

How to make turquoise blue?

What colors make turquoise? Blue and green make turquoise, but you can add a higher ratio of blue to green to get a shade of turquoise blue. Adding different amounts of white can help you achieve bluish turquoise shades that also range from lighter to darker!

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