What is New Zealand Customs?

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What is New Zealand Customs?

What is New Zealand Customs?

The New Zealand Customs Service (Customs, Māori: Te Mana Ārai o Aotearoa) is a government sector organization in New Zealand whose role is to provide border control and protect society from potential risks arising from international trade and travel, as well as collect customs and duties on imports into the country.

How do I contact NZ Customs?


  1. Freephone: 0800 428 786.
  2. +64 4 901 4500.
  3. +64 4 901 4555.
  4. Email: [email protected].

We aim to complete an import approval within one to two working days once you have provided all the necessary documents and no further action is required. We will contact you to confirm that your approval has been processed. issue a delivery order to the holding agent to release your goods.

Who is the CEO of New Zealand Customs?

Commissioner of State Peter Hughes has today announced the appointment of Christine Stevenson as Comptroller and CEO, New Zealand Customs Service. "I am very pleased to appoint Ms Stevenson to this role," said the commissioner.

Who is the Secretary of State for Customs in Great Britain?

Minister of Customs. Current Minister: Hon Meka Whaitiri. Description: Responsibilities include overseeing border management, including detecting and responding to illegal activity at the border, facilitating the movement of legal imports, exports and travelers, collecting GST and customs duties owed at the border.

Why are customs duties frozen in New Zealand?

The government is freezing duties at the border to help export and import businesses and protect jobs from the effects of COVID-19, Customs Minister Jenny Salesa said.

Who is New Zealand's Police Minister?

Police Minister Stuart Nash says the seizure of 190kg of cocaine in Auckland shows the strength of the partnership between Australian and New Zealand law enforcement agencies in preventing the harm drugs are causing in our communities.

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