What is special about Australian beaches?

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What is special about Australian beaches?

What is special about Australian beaches?

Australia has over 10,000 beaches around its coasts and outlying islands. Many of these beaches are small sandy areas, but there are many that have pristine waters and soft golden or white sand. They are unbelievably amazing in their beauty.

Are the beaches in Australia warm?

Australian weather is known to be a bit hot, especially in tropical areas like Queensland, the beaches are very hot, in fact they range from around 24 to 30 degrees Celcius during the summer months.

Does Australia have white sand beaches?

With more than 30,000 miles of spectacular coastline, Australia has no shortage of sand and surf combinations. From calm, white-sand bays in the Whitsundays to Western Australia's rugged, windswept shores, we've handpicked the country's 10 finest stretches of paradise.

How dangerous are Australian beaches?

Rip currents Surf Life Saving Australia considers rip currents to be the biggest danger on Australian beaches (yes, it's not sharks, despite the media hype). Many people have died or come close to death by panicking or trying to swim against the rip in an attempt to get back to shore (19 people died in rips in 2017).

What is Australia's whitest beach?

Lucky Bay
Lucky Bay, the isolated beach west of Esperance, claims to be the whitest in Australia, perhaps in the world. And it's not just a promotional slogan – it's scientifically proven.

Which is the most beautiful beach in Australia?

Considered by many to be Australia's most beautiful beach, the four kilometer long Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island deserves all its accolades.

Where to eat on the beach in Australia?

Don't miss the fish and chips at Bondi Surf Seafoods – to be wrapped in butcher paper, doused in lemon and eaten right on the beach after a swim – or a sunset drink at Bondi Icebergs, which offers great views of the entire length of the beach.

How many miles of beaches are there in Australia?

With almost 22,000 miles of coastline, Australia is rightly famous for its golden sandy beaches. The country is home to an endless number of pristine bays, reefs and island hideaways, and let's be honest, there really is no such thing as a bad beach Down Under.

Which is the best beach in the world?

Australia boasts some of the best beaches on the planet, and the vast coastline stretches for almost 37,000 km, which includes 11,011 beaches, more than any other nation.

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