What is the highest paying job in Australia?

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What is the highest paying job in Australia?

What is the highest paying job in Australia?

Australia's highest paying job

  • Surgeon – $394,303.
  • Anesthesiologist – $386,065.
  • Internal Medicine Specialist – $304,752.
  • Financial Dealer – $275,984.
  • Psychiatrist – $235,558.
  • Other Physicians – $222,933.
  • Legal or Legal Professionals – $188,798.
  • Mining Engineer – $184,507.

What jobs pay $200k?

Jobs that pay over $200k

  • General practitioner.
  • Associate Dentist.
  • Periodontist.
  • General surgeon.
  • Ophthalmologist.
  • Psychiatrist.
  • Nocturnist.
  • Urologist.

What kind of jobs are there in Australia?

Meanwhile, utilities, manufacturing and mining have seen significant increases in part-time work, while public administration has seen it decline. Women held almost 4000 more jobs than men in the three years between 2015-18. They have been employed in about 199,000 new full-time jobs since 2015, compared to the 195,200 positions for men.

What are the most wanted jobs in Australia?

In fact, according to a report from last year, 9 of the most advertised jobs out of a list of 15 were for UI/UE designers, software engineers and developers.

Where are the most part-time jobs in Australia?

Full-time work has grown strongest in NSW and Victoria, and weakest in Western Australia and Queensland, where part-time work has grown strongly. During the past fiscal year, recreation services, mining and professional services experienced the largest increase in full-time employment; while retail trade and logistics have experienced the biggest declines.

Are there jobs for migrants in Australia?

So your dream of starting a new life down under is still very much achievable – especially if your experience is needed. We've compiled an updated list of the 50 most in-demand migrant jobs in Australia for 2021, based on the recently released Occupation Ceilings for the Skilled Migration Shortage List.

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