What is the main reason the British built an empire?

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What is the main reason the British built an empire?

What is the main reason the British built an empire?

Britain had many reasons for wanting an empire. Economically, the rich natural resources available in Africa, Asia and the Pacific earned the country a lot of money as goods were imported and exported. Politically, it made Britain a very powerful country and allowed the spread of their influence throughout the world.

How did Britain build an empire?

In the 16th century, Britain began to build its empire – spreading its rule and power beyond its borders through a process called 'imperialism'. This brought about enormous changes in societies, industries, cultures and the lives of people all over the world.

How did the British become empire builders in Africa?

The main motives that arose in the interest of the British to become empire builders in Africa specify Trade and Land. Africa possessed vast amounts of gold as well as diamonds, so the British encountered a remarkable opportunity to open mines and at the same time encountered a lucrative source of cheap native workers.

Why did England want to build an empire in America?

America was rich in metals and minerals and the English, then the British, were eager to exploit these. The large spaces found in America also allowed for expansion.

Why was the British Empire different from other empires?

The British claimed that their empire was different because it had a moral dimension, but when it came to conflict with natives over land, the colonists always found a way to justify their actions. In the 17th, many colonists believed in the divine order of the world and man's place in it.

Why was the British East India Company successful?

The Ottoman Empire, the Chinese Empire and the Mughal Empire had developed trade links. The British East India Company built trade with the Mughal Empire that would grow into the basis of Britain's later expansion into India. 3. They profited from human slavery

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