What jobs did the rich Victorians do?

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What jobs did the rich Victorians do?

What jobs did the rich Victorians do?

Rich Victorians always had servants. Cooks, butlers, gardeners, maids, nannies and governesses were employed by this social class. The middle class families usually did not have as many servants as the upper class families.

What jobs did most Victorian children have to do?

What jobs did children do? Children worked on farms, in homes as servants and in factories. Children provided a variety of skills and would perform tasks as varied as being small and working as a scavenger in a cotton mill to having to push heavy coal trucks along tunnels in coal mines.

What kind of jobs did children have in Victorian times?

A factory owner or a merchant. Now this is a video about how hard it is for children to work and how the managers want them to work!!!

What was education like in the Victorian era?

Rich Victorian children's education. Rich kids were lucky compared to poor kids. There was a nanny to look after them and they also had toys & books. Governesses used to teach the children at home. When they got older they were sent away to a public school like Eton or Rugby. Girls of the Victorian age did not enjoy that aspect.

What did poor children do in the Victorian era?

Poor Victorian children, on the other hand, were possibly worse off. They often came from huge families packed into flats like sardines and were expected to work dirty, dirty jobs from an outrageously early age. Think of chimney sweeps or street sweepers…

How often did Victorian parents talk to their children?

Wealthy Victorian parents often communicated with their children only once each day. In fact, there was little expectation that they would communicate with them more than the bare minimum. Some days it seems like talking to my toddler just once each day would be a relief from answering the same question 1,000 times in the morning.

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