What kind of star is ENIF?

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What kind of star is ENIF?

What kind of star is ENIF?

orange supergiant star
The absolute magnitude of this star is -4.142. Enif is an orange supergiant star of spectral type K2 lp. This star's spectrum shows an abundance of the elements strontium and barium, which may be the result of the S process of nucleosynthesis in its outer atmosphere.

What is the correct ascent of ENIF?

With an average apparent visual magnitude of 2.4, this is a second-magnitude star easily visible to the naked eye … Epsilon Pegasi.

What type of star is Markab?

Alpha Pegasi/Spectral type

Markab is classified as either a giant star of spectral type B9III or a subgiant of type A0 IV. The star is running out of hydrogen in its core, if it hasn't already, and has expanded to a size of 4.72 solar radii. It will continue to expand and eventually evolve into an orange giant.

Where is algenib?

of Pegasus
Gamma Pegasi (γ Pegasi, abbreviated Gamma Peg or γ Peg), formally named Algenib /ælˈdʒiːnɪb/, is a star in the constellation Pegasus, located in the southeast corner of the asterism known as the Great Square.

Is Epsilon a red giant?

Epsilon Ophiuchi or ε Ophiuchi, formally named Yed Posterior (/ˌjɛd pɒˈstɪəriər/), is a red giant star in the constellation Ophiuchus. With an apparent visual magnitude of 3.220, the star can be seen with the naked eye from most of Earth under a suitably dark sky.

How big is ENIF?

128.7 million km
Epsilon Pegasi/Radius

What is the brightest star in Cepheus?

Alpha Cephei
That star is Alderamin – also called Alpha Cephei – which is by far the brightest star in Cepheus, lighting up one corner of an otherwise faint house-shaped pattern of stars. Although not one of the most conspicuous stars in the night sky, this star is easy to spot and is interesting for its rapid rotation on its axis.

How far is algenib from Earth in light years?

391.4 light years
Gamma Pegasi/Distance to Earth
Algenib, Gamma Pegasi (γ Peg), is a blue-white subgiant star located in the constellation Pegasus. With an average apparent magnitude of 2.84, it is the fourth brightest star in Pegasus after Enif, Scheat and Markab. Algenib is located at an approximate distance of 390 light years from Earth.

How far is Markab in light years?

133.4 light years
Alpha Pegasi/Distance to Earth

Which star in Pegasus emits the most power?

Epsilon Pegasi
It is 5840 times more luminous than the Sun. Epsilon Pegasi is the brightest star in Pegasus.

Is ENIF a main sequence star?

Enif is located in the constellation Pegasus. Pegasus is the third largest northern constellation and the seventh largest of all 88 constellations. It occupies 1,121 square degrees of the northern sky….Enif – Epsilon Pegasi.

What is the distance to the star Enif?

In 2007, the Hipparcos data were revised with a new parallax of 4.73000, which put Enif at a distance of 689.56 light years or 211.42 parsecs. It should not be perceived as if the star is moving closer or further away from us.

How big is Enif compared to the Sun?

Enif is 3,895 times brighter than our Sun, and its bolometric luminosity is 12,250 times greater. Enif is cooler than our Sun, with average surface temperatures reaching only 4,379 K. This star's surface gravity has been measured to be about 1.01 cgs.

Which star is closest to Earth?

Nearest visible: Alpha Centauri, which is actually a binary system of two stars similar to the Sun. They are 4.37 light years from Earth. The Sun is the nearest star to Earth, and it is about 93 million miles away. But apart from the Sun, the nearest neighbor is Alpha Centauri, and this is not just a single star.

How big is the star Epsilon Pegasi in light years?

The distance to this star can be estimated using parallax measurements from the Hipparcos astrometry satellite, giving a value of about 690 light-years (210 parsecs). ε Pegasi (Latinized to Epsilon Pegasi) is the star's Bayer designation.


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