What makes Sacagawea a hero?

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What makes Sacagawea a hero?

What makes Sacagawea a hero?

Sacagawea is a hero because throughout her life and the Lewis and Clark expedition, she displayed exceptional bravery and selflessness. Her bravery is what got her through those rings of fire and made her the person she was. This Native American woman had strong roots and her bravery was built throughout her life.

How did Sacagawea help his people?

What is Sacagawea best known for? Sacagawea is best known for its association with the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-06). A Shoshone woman, she accompanied the expedition as an interpreter, traveling with them thousands of miles from St Louis, Missouri, to the Pacific Northwest.

How is Sacagawea brave?

Sacagawea was very brave. She helped the Lewis and Clark expedition survive. When a boat hit Sacagawea, she still did her duties to keep others alive. While on the expedition, she had a baby to carry around, so that made it even more difficult to help the expedition.

How old was Sacagawea when she joined the expedition?

Sacagawea (/səˌkɑːɡəˈwiːə/; also Sakakawea or Sacajawea; May ca. 1788 – December 20, 1812 or April 9, 1884) was a Lemhi Shoshone woman who, at the age of 16, met and helped with their mission in the Clarke Mission Lewis and Clark mission. goal by exploring the Louisiana Territory.

What was the name of Sacagawea's second child?

As Sacagawea left the expedition, the details of her life become more elusive. In 1809, it is believed that she and her husband – or just her husband, according to some accounts – traveled with their son to St. Louis to see Clark. Pomp was left in Clark's care. Sacagawea gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Lisette, three years later.

Where was Sacagawea of the Shoshone tribe born?

Early Life Born about 1788 (some sources say 1786 and 1787) in Lemhi County, Idaho. The daughter of a Shoshone chief, Sacagawea's name means "boat puller" or "bird woman" (if spelled as Sakakawea).

Why was Sacagawea chosen to accompany Lewis and Clark?

Although she was pregnant with her first child, Sacagawea was chosen to accompany them on their mission. Lewis and Clark believed that her knowledge of the Shoshone language would help them later on their journey. In February 1805, Sacagawea gave birth to a son named Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.

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