What pollutants does AQI measure?

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What pollutants does AQI measure?

What pollutants does AQI measure?

The AQI is calculated for four major air pollutants regulated by the Clean Air Act: ground-level ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide. For each of these pollutants, the EPA has established national air quality standards to protect public health.

What pollutants does the EPA monitor?

The EPA has established National Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for six of the most common air pollutants—carbon monoxide, lead, ground-level ozone, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide—known as "criteria" air pollutants (or simply "criteria pollutants").

Where can I find information about air pollution?

The EPA Air Trends website also discusses the top six pollutants. The Air Quality System (AQS) contains air pollution and meteorological measurements from EPA, state and local government monitoring stations.

What are the different types of air pollution monitoring?

Monitoring of air pollution. There are two types of standards – primary and secondary. Primary standards protect against adverse health effects; secondary standards protect against welfare effects, such as damage to agricultural crops and vegetation and damage to buildings.

Which is an example of an air pollutant?

Also, some common examples of soil contaminants are asbestos, PCBs, lead, pesticide and herbicide overdose, and more. Thus, there is a need to handle these dangerous pollutants correctly at all. The air we breathe these days is highly polluted, more than ever. One of the biggest air pollutants is the burning of fossil fuels.

How is air pollution measured in the United States?

The AirData website gives you access to air pollution data (annual summary data) for the entire United States by allowing you to produce reports and maps of air pollution data based on criteria that you specify. Toxic air pollutants are substances in the air that are toxic or dangerous to humans.

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