What state abbreviation is CN?

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What state abbreviation is CN?

What state abbreviation is CN?

From AL to WY

What does Philadelphia mean?

Philadelphia is abundantly supplied with fresh water, which is showered and jostled about and lit and poured off everywhere….PHILLY.

Does pc stand for zip code?

PC stands for postal code.

How do you abbreviate numbers?

The abbreviation for number is no./nos.

When did the USPS start using zip code abbreviations?

State abbreviations. On July 1, 1963, the postal service introduced the five-digit postal code. At the time, most addressing equipment could only accommodate 23 characters (including spaces) on the bottom line of the address. To make room for the postal code, the state names had to be shortened.

Where can I find the abbreviations for the US Postal Service?

A more complete list of current abbreviations, including all US possessions, is available online at https://pe.usps.com/text/pub28/28apb.htm. HISTORIAN UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE MAY 2019 State/Territory Postal Abbreviations 1831 1874 1943 6/1963 10/1963 – Present Alabama Al. Ala Ala.

Do any overseas territories have postcodes?

In addition to the fifty states and DC, the United States also has several overseas territories. The populated ones have their own zip codes, but only the two most populous (Puerto Rico and Guam) have abbreviations. Some former territories still maintain zip codes as they are considered free members of the United States.

What is the zip code for Provincia Italy?

Italian CAP postcodes have an optional prefix of "I-" (or "IT-", or none at all, depending on where the post is coming from) followed by five digits. The region name is not used in the postal address, but the province is included as a 2-letter abbreviation for the provincial capital.

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