What were the arguments for the annexation of the Philippines?

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What were the arguments for the annexation of the Philippines?

What were the arguments for the annexation of the Philippines?

Americans who favored annexation displayed a variety of motives: desire for commercial opportunities in Asia, concern that the Philippines were incapable of self-government, and fear that if the United States did not take control of the islands, another power would (such as Germany or Japan) can do so.

What is the biggest economic challenge in the Philippines?

Low economic mobility, poverty and income inequality, poor health care and nutrition, and environmental degradation are some of the key challenges facing the Philippines in its development trajectory.

What were the most important economic changes in the Philippines?

The Philippines, with its large fallow land, rode the wave of trade in bulk commodities. The economic condition of the Philippines gave rise to the Haciendas or "cash-crop economy", where large tracts of land would be used for crops such as rice, sugar beets, tobacco, fiber, coffee and abaca.

What are the pros and cons of annexing the Philippines?

Some thought has been given to the pros and cons of annexing the Philippines back to the United States. It could strengthen US interests in the region, reduce crime on the islands and support a more democratic government. It would also return the United States to its colonial roots, an outcome many people do not want. 1.

When was the Philippines annexed?

In 1899, the United States annexed the Philippines after a short but bloody war with Spain. These rich, bountiful islands full of resources were in high demand.

Why did McKinley want to annex the Philippines?

It could deal a blow to freedom and capitalism in a place where communism exists. The McKinley administration believed that ending Spanish rule in the Philippines would end imperialism, promote capitalism, and foster a desire for freedom.

Why did the US liberate the Philippines?

The most obvious argument, and the reason the US finally liberated the Philippines in 1947, is that it was imperialistic and hypocritical to control them.

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