When did Luis Torres die?

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When did Luis Torres die?

When did Luis Torres die?

Luís Vaz de Torres was a Spanish explorer. His name is sometimes spelled Luis Váez de Torres. He was born around the year 1565 and died in 1607. Today he is known for the first recorded European voyage in the strait, which separates the Australian continent from the island of New Guinea.

Why did Luis Váez de Torres travel?

He presented his case to King Philip III, and as a result was commissioned to command three ships for the purpose of colonizing Santa Cruz and searching for the continent. On 21 December 1605 the expedition sailed from Callao in Peru. The second in command officer was Luis de Torres.

Born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Luis R. Torres is currently ballet master at the Hong Kong Ballet. Torres graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Dance and Psychology and completed a Master of Fine Arts from George Mason University.

When did Luis Vaez de Torres come to Australia?

Although the Spanish navigator Luis Vaez de Torres sailed through the islands in 1606, they only became known in the late 18th century, when fishermen came in search of mother-of-pearl shells and bêche-de-mer (sea cucumber). The islands were annexed by Queensland in 1879.

Where are the islands named after Luis Vaez de Torres?

Luis Vaez de Torres was a Spanish navigator. The Torres Strait – the waterway that separates the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, Australia and New Guinea – is named after him. The group of more than 100 islands located in the strait are known as the Torres Strait Islands.

When did Luis Vaez de Torres find Samarai?

The Spanish explorer Luis Vaez de Torres mapped the bay in 1606. In 1873, the British navigator Captain John Moresby named it after Admiral Alexander Milne. European interest in the area increased during the gold rush years of 1889-99. Samarai, an island in the China Strait, became a boom…

Why did Luis de Torres go to South America?

These Spanish expeditions were motivated by the search for riches, by the zeal to spread Christianity, and… …Quirós and another Portuguese explorer, Luis de Torres, in 1606 – aimed, among other things, at finding the great southern continent.

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