When did Riel take Fort Garry?

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When did Riel take Fort Garry?

When did Riel take Fort Garry?

However, in 1836, to ease the settlement's general administrative and supply needs, the HBC returned to the forks and built a new fort, Upper Fort Garry, near the old site. This fort was seized by Louis Riel during the Red River Rebellion of 1870.

Who captured Fort Garry?

Louis Riel
In 1869, the Hudson's Bay Company agreed to surrender its monopoly in the Northwest, including Upper Fort Garry. In late 1869 and early 1870, the fort was captured by Louis Riel and his Métis followers during the Red River Rebellion. After the rebellion, the area around the fort continued to grow.

Why did Riel want to take over Fort Garry?

Riel felt that a dramatic gesture was necessary to get Ottawa's attention—to force Canada to negotiate with the inhabitants of Red River before taking over the territory. On November 2, Riel set out with a group of 120 armed men for Fort Garry, the administrative center of the region.

Who was involved in the capture of Fort Garry?

On December 10, Riel formed a provisional government that proclaimed the end of Hudson's Bay Company control over the Red River region. The government included both French and English residents of the settlement. By the end of 1869, Riel appeared to have the advantage at Red River and was in a strong position to deal with Ottawa on his own terms.

What was the history of Lower Fort Garry?

Opponents of Métis leader Louis Riel gathered there in 1871, and the North West Mounted Police trained its first recruits at Lower Fort Garry. It was also the site of the signing of the first numbered treaties, and it later served as a penitentiary and insane asylum.

When did the Metis take over Fort Garry?

McDougall nevertheless publicly stated that the Hudson's Bay Company was no longer in control of the territory and that Canada had asked that the transfer of sovereignty be postponed. In the first few days of November 1869, the Métis and their leader Louis Riel occupied the Hudson's Bay Company's Fort Garry.

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