Where do snowstorms come from?

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Where do snowstorms come from?

Where do snowstorms come from?

Blizzards form when low pressure weather systems combine with geographic features to bring cold northern air into contact with warm and moist southern air. The weather systems have low pressure in the centre. Cold air from the north and warm air from the south rush into the low pressure.

What kind of weather causes snowstorms?

Blizzards commonly occur with temperatures around or below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, says weather.com. These low temperatures combined with strong winds create a low wind-chill factor, which is the amount of cooling someone feels from the combination of temperature and wind speed.

What two things are mixed together to create a blizzard?

For a blizzard to form, warm air must rise above cold air. There are two ways this can happen….Three things are needed to make a blizzard.

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