Where does a tornado force come from?

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Where does a tornado force come from?

Where does a tornado force come from?

Tornadoes form when warm, moist air collides with cold, dry air. The denser cold air is pushed over the warm air, usually producing thunderstorms. The warm air rises through the colder air and causes an updraft. The updraft will begin to rotate if the wind varies greatly in speed or direction.

Where does the energy that drives a hurricane come from?

Their energy source is water vapor, which evaporates from the sea surface. Water vapor is the "fuel" for hurricanes because it releases the "latent heat of condensation" when it condenses to form clouds and rain that heat the surrounding air.

Where does the energy for storms like hurricanes and tornadoes come from?

When the surface water is warm, the storm absorbs heat energy from the water, just as a straw sucks up a liquid. This creates moisture in the air. If the wind conditions are right, the storm will become a hurricane. This heat energy is the fuel for the storm.

How do tornadoes in the ocean develop into a hurricane?

No, hurricanes form because large areas of thunderstorms stay over warm water and gradually begin to rotate due to the Coriolis effect. The warm water fuels the storm and it intensifies into a hurricane. Tornadoes form when a rotating column of air descends from a thunderstorm.

Where does the power of a tornado come from?

A tornado's power comes from the thunderstorm that produces it. A thunderstorm is powered by the energy that water vapor releases when it condenses. Differences in wind speed and wind height direction, a condition called wind shear, cause these storms to rotate. This rotation can then tighten and intensify to form a tornado. Wiki user

Where does the power of a hurricane come from?

The storm headed for Britain is post-tropical cyclone Katia. Because it has lost tropical characteristics, although the storm is no longer classified as a hurricane, although it still produces hurricane force or near hurricane force winds. Was it a month before hurricane rita came after hurricane katrina?

More tornadoes form in the Midwestern United States than anywhere else in the world. They usually occur in autumn and spring. Formation stage: Warm, moist winds flow up (and slightly to the east due to the Coriolis Force) from the Gulf of Mexico.

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