Where is Indonesia compared to the Philippines?

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Where is Indonesia compared to the Philippines?

Where is Indonesia compared to the Philippines?

Indonesia and the Philippines share maritime borders mainly on the Sulawesi Sea. Previously, both countries were involved in territorial disputes over Miangas Island (Island of Palmas case).

Is Indonesia a country or a region?

Southeast Asia
Indonesia, country located off the coast of mainland Southeast Asia in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

What kind of country is Indonesia?

constitutional republic
Indonesia is a presidential, constitutional republic with an elected legislature. It has 34 provinces, five of which have special status. The country's capital, Jakarta, is the world's second most populated urban area. The country shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor and the eastern part of Malaysia.

What are the Indonesians in the history of the Philippines?

THE INDONESIAN MIGRANTS • They were the first immigrants to come by sea to the Philippines. They came about 5,000 years ago, sailing in boats from South Asia. They were driven into the mountains and lived in the lowlands. The Indonesians were more advanced than the Negritos.

Who are the Indonesian people in the Philippines?

Indonesians in the Philippines consist of foreigners and immigrants from Indonesia living in the Philippines and their descendants.

Why is the Philippines divided into different and distinct regions?

Same reason why many other regions divide, to make management easier. The president simply cannot rule an entire country, so that's why we elect governors to take care of these provinces. Why do we have mayors?

How many provinces are there in the country of Indonesia?

The provinces of Indonesia are the 34 largest subdivisions in the country and the highest level of local government (formerly called Daerah Tingkat I – Level 1 region). Provinces are further divided into regencies and cities (formerly called Daerah Tingkat II – level 2 regions), which are further subdivided into districts (kecamatan).

Who are the indigenous ethnic groups in Indonesia?

Indigenous ethnic groups Mentawai, Asmat, Dani, Dayak, Toraja and many others still practice their ethnic rituals, customs and wear traditional clothing. Indonesia is home to those from the islands of Java, Sumatra and Bali that are frequently recorded.

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