Where is John Momoh?

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Where is John Momoh?

Where is John Momoh?

Lagos, Nigeria
John Momoh/place of birth

What does TVC news stand for?

TV commercial
TVC, trade jargon for television advertising.

How many TV stations are there in Nigeria?

Nigeria also has the largest terrestrial television network in Africa, which is the Nigerian Television Authority (with over 96 stations spread across the country).

Who is the CEO of TVC News Nigeria?

Andrew Hanlon
TVC News

Andrew Hanlon –
Andrew Hanlon – Managing Director / Managing Director – TVC Communications, Lagos, Nigeria | LinkedIn.

Who is the real owner of the TVC?

Tinubu Ahmed
TVC News

Who is the CEO of Channels Television?

John Momoh
John Momoh (OON) is the founder and CEO of Channels Television. He is a renowned broadcast journalist with a vast experience spanning three and a half decades.

Who owns Galaxy TV?

The pioneer of private broadcasting in Nigeria is Galaxy CEO Steve Ojo, who runs a company that includes studios and a Nollywood producer and distributor.

Who owns TVC News in Nigeria?

TVC News is a 24/7 news broadcasting service owned by Continental Broadcasting Service Nigeria Ltd. located in Lagos.

Who owns the media in Nigeria?

The media landscape in Nigeria reflects different ownership patterns. The media owner can be, among other things, individuals, government, group of individuals, business organizations. The ownership structure can come in different forms. It can be joint or individual ownership.

Currently, there is no federal government owned newspaper in Nigeria. The Daily Times used to be owned by the Federal Government, but ownership has since shifted to Folio Communications (owned by two brothers – Fidelis and Noel Anosike), who officially took ownership of the newspaper on 3 September 2004.

What is TVC News' mission in Africa?

One of the network's stated goals is to offer a different perspective to many foreign media stereotypes about Africa. Former CEO Nigel Parsons stated: “Without shying away from reporting on the conflicts or the corruption, the famine or the wars, TVC News' mission is also to tell the many positive stories coming out of Africa.

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