Where is the phone number 718 from?

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Where is the phone number 718 from?

Where is the phone number 718 from?

A new area code, 718, will be required to call Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

Is the 718 a mobile phone?

Originally, the five districts were 212. As a result, 917, 718, 646, 347 and even 212 can now be connected to a landline or mobile phone. 212 cell phones are rare (but are the coolest!), 718 more common. 917 landlines are common and 646 goes both ways, although 347 is still primarily for non-Manhattan cell phones.

What area code is 718 in Florida?

Area code 718 serves New York City, NY, excluding Manhattan. It overlaps coverage areas with area codes 347, 917 and 929.

What is the Los Angeles area code?

Find area code by postcode for city/community. Ordered by zip code.

What area code is 719?

Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, Colorado is in area code 719 in El Paso County, Colorado. Colorado Springs is located in the 719 area code.

What are the phone numbers for 718 New York?

Area code 718 has 772 prefixes Prefix County City Carrier 1-718-200 New York New York Omnipoint Communications, Inc. – New 1-718-202 Kings Brooklyn Verizon New York Inc. 1-718-203 Kings Brooklyn Verizon New York Inc. 1-718-204 Queens Astoria Verizon New York Inc.

When was area code 347 added to 718?

A permissible calling period for using either area code 212 or 718 in the affected area lasted until May 16, 1993. On October 1, 1999, area code 347 was added as an overlay code to area code 718. On December 16, 2009, the New York Public Service Commission approved a additional overlay code for numbering plan area 718/347.

When did area code 212 change to area code 718?

Permitted calling to 212 continued across New York City until January 1, 1985. On July 1, 1992, the Bronx and the Marble Hill, Manhattan neighborhood were split from 212 and added to numbering plan area 718.

What is the phone code for New York State?

State: New York. Area code 718: New York.

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