Where is the telephone code 01582?

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Where is the telephone code 01582?

Where is the telephone code 01582?

01582 Area Code The location for 01582 is Luton, United Kingdom.

Is 01582 a mobile number?

Phone numbers beginning with 01582 are geographic numbers.

Is 01582 a free number from the mobile?

Getting a Luton 01582 virtual phone number is easy and activation is instant and free.

How do you call a 39 number?

The country code for calling Italy from abroad is 39. To call foreign destinations from Italy, the international dialing prefix is 00, as is standard in most European countries….Phone numbers in Italy.

What area code is 01628?

? 01628 is the area code for Maidenhead and the surrounding area.

Who called 01582?

? 01582 is the area code for Luton and the surrounding area.

What area code is 01268 in the UK?

? 01268 is the area code for Basildon and the surrounding area.

Who called 01628 778331?

Barclays phone number? The number 01628 778331 belongs to Barclays. Anyone calling you from this number should be knowledgeable about Barclays and be able to provide you with contact details to confirm their call is genuine.

Where is the area code 01582 in Luton?

The area code 01582 covers Luton and the surrounding area. 01582 numbers may also be based in the following places near Luton: Dunstable. The harp. Markyate. Redbourn.

When should I use the dialing code 01582?

The area code Luton 01582 intersects the counties of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire in the East of England region of the United Kingdom. When should I use the 01582 Luton dialing code? You will need a country code if you are calling from a mobile or landline outside the 01582 Luton area code area.

When did 01426 and 01523 become area codes?

01426, 01523 and other non-standard 01 prefixes were briefly used for pagers in the late 1990s and then moved to new 076 prefixes in the Big Number Change of 2000/2001. The 01632 area code is set aside for use as fictional numbers for drama, as are parts of a number of other area codes.

Who is 01582 805953 car phone warehouse?

01582 805953 Car phone warehouse trying to get you to change your contract. They called me a number last week and I told them I was happy as I was and to stop calling and then blocked the number… now this number has come up so I have asked them about going away.

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