Where were the Victorian bushfires in February 2009?

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Where were the Victorian bushfires in February 2009?

Where were the Victorian bushfires in February 2009?

The 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission, chaired by Judge Bernard Teague, was held in response to the bushfires…

Where did the Victorian bushfires start in 2009?

The Black Saturday fires began with the Kilmore East fire, when downed power lines started a blaze in farmland at 11.47. This fire quickly spread through a pine plantation and crossed the Hume Freeway at 13.58. The fire burned through Wandong and reached Mount Disappointment at approximately 3 p.m.

Where did the bushfires happen in Australia?

Significant fires occurred in the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island in South Australia and parts of the ACT. Moderately affected areas were south-east Queensland and areas of south-west Western Australia, with a few areas in Tasmania mildly affected.

How much land was burned in the 2009 Australian bushfires?

The 2009 bushfires in January and February ravaged many parts of Victoria, directly and indirectly affecting many millions of people in the state, across Australia and internationally. One hundred and seventy-three people died, thousands of homes and other residences were destroyed, and over 400,000 acres were burned.

Who died in Black Saturday?

The Black Saturday bushfires killed 173 people, 120 in the Kinglake area alone. Another 414 people were injured. More than 450,000 hectares were burned and 3,500 buildings, including more than 2,000 houses, destroyed. The RSPCA estimates that up to a million wild and domesticated animals died in the disaster.

When were the worst fires in Australia?

2009, Black Saturday. The Black Saturday bushfires were the worst in Australia's history, killing 173 people. Nearly 80 communities and entire towns were left unrecognizable. The fires burned more than 2,000 properties and 61 businesses.

At the time of publication, it represented the best available science. Firefighters in Victoria were still working around the clock on 16 February 2009 to protect lives, property and catchment areas for the city of Melbourne's water supply from devastating bushfires that had killed more than 180 people, according to news reports.

Some of the most severe Australian bushfires (single fires and fire seasons) have included: 15% of Australia was burnt. The damage was mostly in central Australia, so it didn't affect many communities.

Where are the fires in Victoria in 2009?

Contains personal accounts of the fires from local residents and those who work in fire-affected areas. Covering fires in Kilmore East, Wandong, Strathewan, Kinglake, Kinglake West, St. Andrews, Steels Creek, Flowerdale, Marysville, Gippsland, Bendigo, Beechworth and Mudgegonga.

How many people died in the Victorian bushfires?

Bushfires in Victoria. Find books, government reports, websites, statistics, newspaper articles and images about Victorian bushfires from 1851 to the present day. The 2009 Victorian firestorm resulted in the worst loss of life from any recorded Australian bushfire. 173 people died in these devastating fires.

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