Which explorers sailed to Africa?

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Which explorers sailed to Africa?

Which explorers sailed to Africa?

In 1488, the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias (ca. 1450-1500) became the first European sailor to round the southern tip of Africa, opening the way for a sea route from Europe to Asia.

Who were the most famous explorers of Africa?

It was left to 19th-century European explorers, including those searching for the famous sources of the Nile, notably John Hanning Speke, Sir Richard Burton, David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley, to complete the exploration of Africa in the 1870s.

Who was the first explorer to sail around Africa?

DIAS, BARTHOLOMEU. Bartolomeu Dias (1457-1500) was a great Portuguese navigator and explorer who explored the coast of Africa. In 1488, Dias led the first European expedition to circumnavigate Africa's Cape of Good Hope, leaving the Tagus in Portugal in 1487.

Who was the first explorer to explore the Atlantic Ocean?

The Portuguese prince has legendary status in the early stages of European exploration – despite never having set out on a voyage of discovery himself. His patronage of Portuguese exploration led to expeditions across the Atlantic and along the west coast of Africa and the colonization of the Azores and Madeira Islands.

Who was an important explorer in the Scramble for Africa?

Henry Morton Stanley. The German explorer, philosopher and journalist Carl Peters (1856-1918) played a significant role in the creation of Deutsch-Ostafrika (German East Africa). A leading figure in the 'Scramble for Africa' Peters was ultimately vilified for his cruelty to Africans and removed from office.

What did the Portuguese do in the Age of Exploration?

Using new kinds of ships that could sail faster and instruments like the quadrant, they started the Age of Exploration. At the end of the 15th century, the Portuguese began to explore the west coast of Africa. They set up trading posts and collected gold and silver.

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