Which Frenchman explored Lake Michigan?

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Which Frenchman explored Lake Michigan?

Which Frenchman explored Lake Michigan?

Jean Nicolet, (born 1598, Cherbourg, France – died November 1, 1642, Sillery, Que., Can.), French North American explorer who was the first known European to discover Lake Michigan and what is now the state of Wisconsin.

Who explored the area around the Great Lakes?

While the area had been inhabited for a very long time before European explorers arrived, Étienne Brûlé (c. 1592-1632), an advance man for the French explorer Samuel de Champlain (c. 1567-1635), is generally credited as the first European to discover the great lakes.

Who was the French explorer who explored the Great Lakes?

(January 2019) René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle (November 22, 1643 – March 19, 1687) was a 17th-century French explorer and fur trader in North America. He explored the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada, the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.

Where did the French explore in the 17th century?

Brûlé may have explored as far west as Lake Superior in 1621-23. In the 17th century, the French explored along waterways (such as the Fox and Wisconsin rivers) connecting the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River. They built forts, missions and trading posts along the strategic routes long used by native peoples for trade.

Who are some famous French explorers from Canada?

Jolliet was a French Canadian. It is also noted that Marquette was a missionary. Many of his expeditions with other explorers Joliet aimed to reach the indigenous peoples with Christianity. As a result, he became an expert in the Huron language and fluent in several other native dialects.

Who was the first European explorer to travel beyond the St.Lawrence River?

Étienne Brûlé (French pronunciation: [etjɛn bʁyle]; c. 1592 – c. June 1633) was the first European explorer to travel beyond St. Lawrence River to what is now known as Canada.

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