Which is not an international airport?

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Which is not an international airport?

Which is not an international airport?

Palam Airport – Palam is where the Indira Gandhi International Airport is located. MeenamBakkam – it is a place in the state of Tamil nadu and is home to Chennai International Airport. Therefore, the correct solution to the above question is option (c), i.e. Palam Airport.

Which is the international airport in Delhi?

Indira Gandhi International Airport
Indira Gandhi International Airport (IATA: DEL, ICAO: VIDP) is an airport located in the city of Delhi, India, serving as the international aviation hub for the Indian capital New Delhi as well as the rest of northern India.

How many international airports are there in New Delhi?

4- There are total 34 international airports in India….Hemant Singh.

Which is the 1st airport in the world?

1. College Park Airport, USA. The award for the oldest airport in the world still in operation goes to College Park Airport, Maryland, USA. It was established in 1909 and refers to itself as the 'Cradle of Aviation.

How did New Delhi Airport get its name?

Built during World War II as an air force station, New Delhi Airport was originally named Palam Airport after the suburb of the same name. It was renamed Indira Gandhi International Airport after India's only female Prime Minister in 1986 when a new terminal was inaugurated due to the increase in air traffic.

Which is Delhi Airport Terminal 1?

Delhi Airport Terminal 1 is used for domestic flights by low-cost airlines. It used to be Terminal 1 at Palam Airport. Terminal 2 handles domestic flights and has been under renovation recently, so the facility is fairly new.

The city is well connected to international destinations such as Dubai, London, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, among others. Major airlines like Etihad, British Airways, Lufthansa Airlines and Air France offer flight services at IGI Airport. The most traveled international routes from here include New Delhi to Abu Dhabi and New Delhi to London.

3. Largest airport in India by area? Explanation: The second largest is the Indira Gandhi International Airport with an area of 5,106 acres. 4. What does IATA mean?

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